Africa has the highest number of registered pro bono projects, in which architects develop a close relationship not only with the environment but also with the human beings who inhabit it. The story of an experience in Cameroon
Since Brussels has given billions to Turkey in order to block migratory flows, asylum seekers are being detained in Greek refugee camps, without receiving answers for an indefinite time and in inhumane conditions. Medici Senza Frontiere has sounded the alarm: there have been suicide attempts even among minors
Are you a non-religious? Well, Italy doesn't fit you. Freedom of Thought Report 2018, in fact, ranked Italy only one hundred fifty-ninth out of 196 Countries.
Le Rapport sur la liberté d’expression dans le monde classe l’Italie à la 159ème place sur 196. C’est le pire pays européen en ce qui concerne la protection des personnes non-croyantes ou appartenant à des minorités religieuses. Il n’y a presque que les États confessionnels à faire pire
The new president’s rise has been favored by national ruling classes, powerful evangelical networks and by several entrepreneurs interested in exploiting the advantages of a economic market policy favoring wild privatization and elitists laws
What about priests involved in sexual abuse cases? In Italy we have another "law", the clerical one, that rules in hidden places through repentance and even exorcism. This is what we know reading the book Giustizia Divina by Emanuela Provera and Federico Tulli. Here an excerpt for you
Où finissent les ecclésiastiques dénoncés pour abus ? En Italie, il existe une justice parallèle, celle de l’Église, qui œuvre dans des sites secrets à travers le repentir et même l’exorcisme. C’est ce qui émerge de Giustizia Divina ("Justice Divine"), le livre-enquête de Emanuela Provera et Federico Tulli, dont nous vous proposons un extrait
Une nouvelle réimpression de Bompiani: quatre œuvres fondamentales pour connaître l’auteur de l’Étranger. De Caligula aux Justes, des pièces qui expriment une profonde réflexion sur les idéologies du XXème siècle et sur la réalité humaine